spencerhastin: Newport and Brother

Newport and Brother

Mar 9 2016 at 02:39am
Newport and Brother
��When the beard crept on lips, when the pocket of Newport cigarettes instead of snacks and pictures, I suddenly have a feeling when I grew up, became the a man...�� This is about eight years ago cigarettes online when I was in high school, I wrote a diary, this is quite proud of the text, it seems to be in a summer, the summer came very suddenly, little be caught off guard, let me very excited, the sense of excitement. I was a ordinary student in a small city in the south, the mind dreams, fears and inexplicable anger, those all over the streets, vicious puissant social youth may at any time with a machete my fault, I would like a small locust as silently at any time to leave this world. I am incredible that I would come to No.1 Middle School. Many people were full of doubts and refuses to accept the result, they thought that I was a lucky dog, but should not blame them, I now even himself did not understand is how to return a responsibility, just remember that exam like a madman as tried desperately to stay up late, the experience that in the darkness of night prowling the pleasure.
After such a major setbacks in life, we found that the two important issues, first, we are doomed because so close to the score and ranking, and we are familiar like brothers; second, we need to find something to learn to vent, or will be heading for a crash. The final decision is that he stole a pack Newport cigarette out of the house, at weekend, we went to Zoo to relax. Facts have proved that this decision was not successful in the end. He was from home and stole two Newport cigarettes out! We are like a thief in a small alcove soon solved at that time, I thought as long as the Newport sucked into the mouth to make a roll, so complete smoked a root in addition to mouth bitter feel nothing, he had for the first time so career into the lungs, which later led to a month like the forthcoming dead old man as hard cough, mouth scold dirty, cigars-home.com half of the curse of cigarette, half curse my lousy idea.
When smoking process now seems to be actually full of pilgrims devout, I vaguely felt that is a kind of totem as people worship and fascination of things, every man should smoking Newport cigarettes, no marlboro cigarettes matter what happened to him. I still smoke Newport cigarettes in my life, although only then in the mouth hit a few rolling, but in my


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